Flat roof insulation

Flat roof insulation can be quite a challenge. Difficult access to the inside of the partition and small height inside the flat roof make that insulation with traditional methods by arranging tiles is uneconomical and simply impossible. That is why to the flat roof ventilated insulation great solution is insulation material installed by insufflation method.

Insulation of flat roof by insufflation of cellulose method is also lightweight work for residents. Through the openings in the roof slope the contractor gains access to the ceiling space.

Insulation of flat roof from inside:  

Through the hole of sizes 50x50 cm is introduced the tube to insufflation insulation. Number of holes depends of possibility of access to the part of flat roof and its sizes. To insufflation are used cellulose granules. Thanks to this method is created tight and durable thermal insulation which will guarantee minimum wastes from heat of the building.