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Insulating for years

To insulate the buildings we use the newest technological solutions and the best materials available on the market. The method we use is based on insufflation of fully ecological thermo-acoustic material, which is cellulose fiber.

Quality guaranteed!

Thanks to the innovative method - insufflation of fiber, is possible fitting the insulation to the building construction fast and easy , even in the most difficult to access places.

Cellulose fiber is fireproof, perfectly protects against fungus, allergens, damp and pollution. Thanks to this
our living environment is healthier, safer and more comfortable.

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For insulation we use:

Cellulose Fiber

We provide various forms of insulation, using ecological cellulose fiber. We insulate ceiling, attics, bevels, walls and other elements of buildings.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermovision examination let us to judge condition and tightness of the thermal isolation and find disadvantages of the heating installation.

Mineral Wool

Thermal-acoustic insulation spraying system of glass mineral wool, wood wool or rockwool. We also use mineral of volcanic origin - perlite.

Styrofoam Granulate

Styrofoam is used to thermal insulation of roofs and pitched roofs. It is great for insulate difficult to reach places.

Business area

We are leader in insulation of building field in malopolskie voivodeship.  We carry out orders throughout Poland and Slovakia.

Join to the thousands happy clients of insulation of their houses.