Attic insulation

One  of the best innovate methods of insulation of attics includes insufflation fiber/cellulose granules. Each house should be insulated well. How we know attics are the most exposed to heat loss, that is why is worth to took care of its accurate and professional insulation.

We work on materials, which will provide maximum level of saving warmth, and also they are fully ecological solutions. Heat losses due to wrong insulated roofs are even 30%, that is why is worth to insulate by cellulose even uninhabited space of the roof. It will let to receive much savings in insulating the house and will let to reduce various types of thermal bridges, through which the heat is loss.

Advantages of cellulose fiber:  

  • good thermal insulation properties let to reduce using of energy with fight with cold,
  • supports passive cooling in summer, saving energy on air conditioning,
  • modern technology of assembling the cellulose fiber installation takes form few hours up to 2 days, it depends of sizes and level of composing the building construction,
  • thanks to its airtightness cellulose fiber reduces feeling of "move" in the house/flat,
  • breathable material, balancing moisture level in the construction,
  • authentic, ecological product, is being manufactured for 30 years.

We do attics insulation in area of whole Poland.