Attic insulation repair

Sometimes traditional methods of thermal insulation do not meet their insulation function in 100%. Inadequate properties and abnormalities in arranging materials cause large heat loses. 

The most common disadvantages, which attic insulation can have are:

  • lack of careful selection of tiles from mineral fiber to insulate the surface, improperly insulated wall plate,
  • insulation defects in partitions, which result from aging the material or inaccurate mounting,
  • damaged roof insulation due to marten dwelling,
  • too thin layer of insulation material in relation to the required heat permeability parameters. 

In each mentioned situation immediate is repair of insulation and removal of defects.

Cellulose granules can be insufflated by small holes. This is great solution especially for already inhabited attics - thanks to this is not necessary to disassembly of materials with which slant was finished. Just push the nozzle from the feeder into the small hole and the granules will get everywhere. So this method do not require doing a huge renovation and do not require lodgers to move out from the attic.

Efficient and professional realization guarantees that in one day attic will be perfectly insulated and it will be possible to enjoy being in heat immediately. Even if roof's surface is large, thanks to cellulose granules is possible to insulate every space. Insufflation is also a good solution in cases when traditional methods of insulation the roof are impossible to make.